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The octave mandolin produces a rich haunting sound that is unlike any other stringed instrument. The octave mandolin is usually tuned G-D-A-E like a mandolin, but one octave lower. These beasts tend to have much more sustain than traditional mandolins. Due to the length of the octave mandolin neck, standard mandolin fingerings do not always work. Octave Mandolin: Essential Chords & Rhythm Patterns will help make the transition from mandolin or guitar easier. This online course includes twelve tutorial videos, practice tracks, and a downloadable PDF booklet.  You will learn eight essential octave mandolin chords, strumming patterns and chord progressions used in folk and country music, a simple blues shuffle, and even a little rock-n-roll. Beginner/Intermediate level. Suitable for anyone new to the octave mandolin.
Gary Lewandowski of Cedar Mountain Mandolins made the beautiful instrument used in these videos. Learn more at

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Open Chords

Three Great Keys: High Strings

Three Great Keys: Low Strings

I-vi-IV-V: G Major

I-vi-IV-V: C Major

I-vi-IV-V: D Major

The Capo

The Capo & G Major

The Capo & C Major

The Capo & D Major

Power Chords

The Shuffle


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