"Music is a conversation, not a contest."

Alternate picking and its cousin the tremolo are considered essential techniques for the mandolin player to master. Whether you play fiddle tunes, rags, bluegrass, classical, jazz, or Led Zeppelin, a well-organized right hand is essential to mandolin playing. This workshop includes a series of exercises designed to build right-hand strength and coordination. Soon after you have added these exercises to your daily routine, you should notice a difference and be able to play faster, smoother, and more relaxed. 

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Video 1: Right Hand Stuff

Video 2: Using Your Metronome

Video 3: Basic Alternate Picking

Video 4: Dividing By Two, Three, and Four

Video 5: Crossing Strings

Video 6: G-String Exercises

Video 7: D-String Exercises

Video 8: A-String Exercises

Video 9: E-String Exercises

Video 10: Starting On The Upbeat (up-stroke)

Video 11: Playing The Rests

Video 12: Tremolo

Video 13: More Fun With Your Metronome

Video 14: Crucial Scale Sequences: G Major

Video 15: Crucial Scale Sequence One Variations

Video 16: Crucial Scale Sequence Two Variations

Video 17: Crucial Scale Sequence Three Variations

Video 18: Crucial Scale Sequence Four Variations


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