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"I have personally taken lessons with Don Julin.  He is a great teacher and has an incredible knack and spirit to make difficult musical goals attainable through his lessons.  His writings and lessons throughout this web site and books reflect that.  That is why I became a member……besides, he’s a cool cat!"   

Ken J.

“I highly recommend Mandolins Heal the World website and lessons.  As someone who has taken video lessons for a couple decades for not only mandolin but guitar and dobro, I can tell you with all sincerity that MHTW is an awesome source.  I don’t know of anything quite like it, and you’ll find it has something of value for all levels of players." 

Mike P.

"Don Julin has transformed my mandolin playing by patiently (!) emphasizing planning  the down/up strokes and his keen analysis of my right hand technique.  I really hear the difference in my playing and so have others. Thanks Don!"

Kenneth C.

"As a new member to Mandolins Heal The World I have been really impressed with the quality of the content. The lessons are extremely well taught and easy to follow. I love that there is also a backing/practice track so I can immediately put what I have learned to use. The ability to adjust the tempo and transpose the key is so cool and is already opening up new paths in my playing. I am hooked!"

Steve R.

''Mandolin's Heal The World' website is yet another fabulous learning resource from Don Julin- author of the absolute must-have 'Mandolin for Dummies' book. With a truly great range of world-class player-teachers and all you wanted from a curriculum, Mandolin's Heal The World is THE affordable online-learning website for mandolin enthusiasts of all abilities and musical interests."

Andrew B.

"This website is an oracle for mandolinists wishing to learn or develop their technique and build or extend their repertoire of tunes and styles. It is entirely unique and there is not a single other mandolin website that offers anything even close. Each video has very clear viewing angles, the option to alter listening speeds, alongside tab, standard notation and play along chords."

Jamie M.

"Don Julin has inspired my love of mandolin from the very first time I saw his videos on youtube. I bought both of his books and signed on as a member/student of "Mandolins heal the world" as soon as the site was launched. I've tried many methods for learning the mandolin but Mr. Julin's clear approach and instruction are in my opinion, the best available anywhere. I look forward to maturing as a player and fellow lover of all things mandolin as "Mandolin's heal the world" continues to grow and improve with the addition of more lessons and instructors. Thank you very much!"

Jim M.

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